Adventues in Home Depot and Gardening

Adventures in Home Depot and Gardening in the City

This is what $250 looks like at the Home Depot.

In March when the warm weather was upon us, my very loving and patient boyfriend Dan gave me the OK to domesticate his and his roommate’s back deck.  With no yard to work with, this became quickly my “City Garden.”  Faster than a Spring thunderstorm, we were blessed with 80 F degree days and it felt as though Summer, not Spring, was finally here!  This warranted a trip to the Home Depot.

Upon arrival at Home Depot, we went nuts.  We bought windowboxes, hanging planters and a multitude of pots.  Flats of Pansies, Tulips, Hyacinths, Ferns…you name it.  We turned my little Ford Escape into a jungle paradise and began hauling everything to his second floor apartment.  From there we assembled window boxes and I created beautiful conncoctions in each of the planters.  A small Mosaic-Slate Bistro Table sits in the corner which was purchased for a very frugal $75 at the Home Depot as well.  It was quite the little Sunday.

Shortly after, the cold weather has returned.  Although our Ferns are struggling a bit despite the frost-free evenings and a wind storm blew my tulip petals off, everything seems to be hanging in there.  Fingers crossed it starts to feel like spring again soon so our little garden can begin to thrive.  I think one thing is for sure, planting at a later time in the year going forward will be practiced.  With a majority of the flowers having already bloomed, I’ll likely be taking a second trip to the Home Depot for some early-summer blooms to ensure it’s beautiful and fragrant through the summer 🙂


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